8 de mar de 2014

Yoins Wish List

If you do not know Yoins, you need to get in there today. It is an online store that has very good prices and has very fashionable items. I always go to the site to see the news and I spend hours flirting the fashion pieces. I always make a wish list on the site itself, saving my favorites to buy when I get it, but this time I was in love with so many things that I decided to save and make a selection to post here. I know that valentines day has passed, but we women do not have the right date to make new wish lists and acquisitions to look beautiful. Every day is the day to invest in beautiful pieces. With so many cool things to buy on this site, I needed to put together a wish list and show you here on my blog. The amount of dresses available is great. Check out the latest hot sexy party dresses and fashion ladies blouses online !! I hope you like it and visit the site to be surprised with prices too.

The most classic and striking color, the Red, comes in this last season promising much more than the already recurring idea of sensuality. From the walkways to the streets, red lipstick, red nails, red clothes, red shoes ... A touch of this color in any item of the look enhances the charm and effect "powerful woman"!

Other classics, besides color, are also the tissues. Poa Print, lace, stripes and plaid are always fashionable. It does not matter how much time passes, these are the traditional prints and blouses are pieces that you will always use, now or later.
Those are my favorites. Let me know if you liked what you saw on the site yoins !!
Good day!

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