19 de nov de 2010

Long Clothing Amazing Shirts

That this symbolic shirts and super trendy?
I loved the longclothing blouses!
For the first time in decades popular culture is again at ground zero. The freefalling economic
collapse of the western world has exposed the inevitable
shortcomings of the consumerist ideal. As a result,
society reacts with increasing vigour and violence against notions of decadence and frivolity, forcing many to explore alternative means of escapism to
transcend the everyday. Currently a fascination with ‘otherness‘ permeates, and a generation too rational for god, but optimistic enough to have ‘faith’ begins it’s first steps towards shaping new and esoteric belief systems.
This is the cultural backdrop against which the latest collection from Long Clothing is set. While the brands core values and aesthetic remains as distinct as ever, the mood of the collection represents an evolution towards a newer, darker terrain. Sculpting new shapes from the rubble of the past, traditional emblems of religious and spiritual iconography are re-imagined and given new context; core to the design ethos is the notion that in stripping these shapes of their original meaning, their universal visual power only becomes all the more apparent.
The collection also marks the introduction of a
new Long Clothing staple, their first fully oversized
T-Shirt. A natural progression for the brand,
the range will be launched with a unique print that further develops the themes of the core collection, with others to follow.
As their willingness to develop and play with their established format indicates, this new
collection positions Long Clothing as a brand
firmly committed to evolving in tandem with the
times they inhabit. In an era defined by new
beginnings and future possibilities, their voice should be considered a vital one…

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